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Las Vegas Off-Road Adventures

Guided Tours Starting at $299.00

Explore with you as the driver!

Exhilarating Adventures

Welcome to the exciting world of Las Vegas off-road adventures, where the ordinary rules of the road are left behind and adventure beckons! This gripping journey immerses you in the great outdoors, offering a unique perspective of the natural world with YOU as the driver! Off-roading challenges both your driving skills and your sense of adventure, so buckle up, gear up, and get ready to experience the exhilaration of off-roading like never before.

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Discover Our off-road tours

Boathouse Cove Off-Road Tour Las Vegas

Boathouse Cove

Grab the keys and get behind the wheel for an adrenaline-pumping, guided tour with Buck’n Bronco Off-Road Adventures. This trail includes obstacles, small rock crawling experiences, lunch, and a stop at Redstone Dune Loop.

Starting From $299.00

Bronco Tour Callville Wash Las Vegas

Callville Wash

Turn your next Las Vegas getaway into a rocking adventure with a guided, off-road experience at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This trail includes lunch and is our fastest, most rugged destination where we can open up and gain the most speed!

Starting From $299.00

Echo Bay Wash Lake Mead National Recreation Area Las Vegas

Echo Bay

A thrilling experience awaits you on our riveting, guided off-road Bronco tour in Las Vegas. This scenic and laid-back trail is great for the leisure adventure enthusiast, includes great photo opportunities, and a delicious lunch.

Starting From $299.00

Hoover Dam Las Vegas Nevada

Hoover Dam Tour

Join us on a guided VIP tour of the iconic Hoover Dam to learn about this engineering marvel and its rich history. Afterwards, enjoy a unique adventure through the Lake Mead Recreation Area with an off-road adventure to Boathouse Cove Road!

Starting From $399.00

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour + Guided Off-Road Adventure

Starting From $849.00

Las Vegas Engagement Package Guided Off-Road Tour

Proposal Package

Prepare for a journey that takes you through breathtaking landscapes and marks the beginning of a beautiful chapter in your life. Surprise your significant other with this off-road adventure and a proposal at Boathouse Cove!

Starting From $1,825.00

Expert Guidance

Whether you're a novice or an experienced Overlander, we warmly invite all levels of off-roading experience to join us. Off-roading can present a unique challenge as drivers navigate through challenging terrain. Overcoming these obstacles requires skill, strategy, and sometimes a bit of adrenaline-inducing maneuvering. Have no fear! Our guides teach safe driving techniques to help you enhance your off-road skills and will ensure your comfort while driving on any terrain.

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